Kitchen Reno, Preparation

Getting ready for a kitchen renovation can be a little bit of work, but preparation is everything.

You first want to try to set up a make shift kitchen in another room to make it easier to find things. just looking for a glass to get a drink can become a task if you pack everything away. You may want to purchase some disposable plates & cutlery to cut down on dishes you will have to clean. Also a toaster oven, microwave, & a BBQ are going to be a help in cooking. Food can be stored in plastic bins.

If the renovation is being done by yourself, make sure to get dimensions of kitchen layout so that electrical & plumbing are in correct spot.

Flooring should be installed under areas where cabinets will go. this will make for a stronger more level surface to install kitchen on.

Be aware that there may be painting touch ups after cabinets are installed as it is easy to nick walls when installing.

It is important to make sure everything is out of kitchen for when your new cabinets arrive. There is only so much room in a kitchen to work, so it is important that no appliances are in kitchen area for when new cabinets are being installed. You also don’t want to have to worry about appliances getting damaged when your cabinets are being installed.

If you are getting granite or quartz countertops, they will be installed approximately 2 weeks after cabinets. This is because countertops need to be templated. Be aware of thisĀ  as not to book plumber too early.