Granite or Quartz ?

This is one of the questions that people keep asking. Which one is better, granite or Quartz. Many people could give you their opinion on this, but what it really comes down to is which is best for you.

Here are some things to consider when choosing.


1. Budget.  Your budget may be the deciding factor of what choice you make, although it is not the best way to decide. Granite on its low scale is usually less expensive than quartz. However once you get into exotic granites, it gets more expensive than quartz

2. Consistency. Quartz has a much better colour consistency, since it is a man made product. If you are looking at a colour sample it is more likely to look the same as your countertop. For granite you will want to pick the actual slab used for your counters to make sure you get what you want.

3. Maintenance.  This is one that people get concerned about. With granite you will need to seal it from time to time, because it is a natural stone. Quartz on the other hand does not need to be sealed as it is non porous  & will maintain its luster.

4. Staining.  Quartz is stain resistant so not much needs to be said here. Granite on the other hand if not seal;ed regularly is prone to stains.

5. Strength.  Quartz tends to be a stronger material. Granite can be soft, depending on choice of material. It also tends to have fissures as it is natural which can be weaker points that could eventually crack.

6. Health. Quartz is non porous, so it will not hold bacteria in crevices. It will also not off gas any emissions. Granite can be susceptible to hold emission gases that may be present in quarry location where slabs are cut from.

7. Durability. Quartz is almost scratch resistant. Granite is a much softer material that can scratch.


Check out this link to Cambria’s  page on the comparison of granite & quartz for more info on this topic. Cambria, Granite VS Quartz.