Big Retailers?

Many people, when shopping for a kitchen (or anything for that matter) are looking for the best price. The best price is always nice, but sometimes what seems like the best price may not be. Now I don’t wish to beat up on any company, as most have their place that is good in business.

I get asked often about comparison of our product to big retailers, & usually respond with let’s make sure we compare apples to apples. First what is the quality of their product? Will the finish hold up to your use? Is the hardware a cheap knock off of a quality one? Also what is the final price going to be. Sure a store can state that a 36” base cabinet is $99 but then add hinges, doors, toe kick, getting all those boxes home yourself, time to assemble, and a qualified installer, & price gets very different.

Another thing I can’t sometimes understand is, what is the cost of your kitchen being installed properly worth? We often take our biggest investment (our home) and think putting a new kitchen in ourselves will increase the home’s value. It may a little, in comparison to old kitchen, but believe me people can tell a homeowner renovation, from a qualified one. Just because a store will rent you the tools, doesn’t mean you are going to have the skills required.

When shopping for a new kitchen really do your homework, and get proper price comparisons. When we quote a job it is for the kitchen completed. We design, deliver, & install everything we sell, & don’t give you one price that turns into something else. We only sell a Made in Canada product, which is built to very high standards.

So next time you are shopping for anything, make sure that you are getting what is best for you. Sometimes what seems like the cheapest route will cost way more in the end. Go with your gut, it is usually right, & if not make sure not to overload that car too much taking all those boxes home.

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