A Plan in Motion

FREE  Consultation

During the first initial appointment, we will discuss your project. If you have pictures colours or any ideas, this is the time to bring them. Any measurements you may have can be of help as well.  We will at this time set up a time for us to come to your home to take measurements & required pictures.

Estimate and Intial Design

At our second meeting the estimate and beginning design is presented and discussed. You will have the opportunity to see product samples, manufacturer information and warranty information, as well as the types of materials that will be used in your kitchen. In some cases, our design system can be used to enable you to better visualize your project through 3D images.

Project Development Agreement

It’s time to begin the Project Development Agreement. This will allow us to continue with additional design and estimating work. If you would like to go forward with the Leggo team for your renovation and you would like to explore more design ideas, and budget, we’ll require your signature and your approval on our Project Development Agreement. Once the final design and budget have been reached, we will then begin the process of preparing your final agreement to ensure everything that we talked about is in writing.

Selection Process

When you decide that we’re the best fit for your project, bonus meetings might be required to develop final design, make the product selections and complete the specifics of the agreement. The projected completion date can be decided at this time.

Final Decisions and Agreements

We will schedule an appointment for you to meet with us to review and sign completed final agreement. To ensure that you don’t experience any unnecessary stress, it is in your best interest for everything we discussed to be in writing. This helps us to avoid any mistakes or delays in your experience with us.

Final Order

The agreement will be reviewed to determine what is needed in regards to architectural plans or special order materials.


We will be in contact prior to delivery date to check on status of job at your home, as well as answer any questions you may have at this time.

Project Begins!

Project is started on the date determined as the pre-project meeting.

Project Completed

When the project is nearing completion, an informal meeting or quality control walk through will take place with you. This is where an item list is made of what may not be completed to your satisfaction or to Leggo Kitchens standards. This list is known as (deficiency list?)

Appreciation Visit

After your project is completed, we will schedule a convenient time with you to come out to your home for our Appreciation visit. At this visit, we will take “after” pictures of your remodeling project and make adjustments to doors if needed. This is the part where we get to showcase your beautiful new kitchen cabinets on our website (if you let us!).

Our Time Tested Process

With our time tested process of dealing with the details, we can give you a realistic approach, using our years of experience in the kitchen and construction industry to cover all the components necessary to bring your vision to reality.

In the end, we will always be here to provide answers to any questions, comments or concerns and provide answers to all of your cabinetry needs. We believe it is because of the continuing care we provide to our new friends, that a large scale of our business comes from client referrals. Below is a summary of our process of what we do everyday here at Leggo Kitchens. If you would like to learn more, we are easy to contact and even closer to talk to.

Not sure where to start?