Getting Started

Whether you’re building a new home, or renovating your existing kitchen, you will want to think about these six things:

Establish Your Budget

We will be working with you to keep the price where you want it. To establish the budget for your renovation, you have to take the following costs in to consideration:
• New flooring
• New Appliances
• Plumbing and electrical work
• Additional construction work

Create A Realistic Timeline

When you’re committing to a kitchen renovation, it is important that you have realistic expectations for how long the process takes. We want you to be able to allow as much time as possible, so that the job can be done right. The more time you allow, the better things will come together for you.

Windows, Doors and Walls

Will you be moving a door, or perhaps adding a window. Will that wall be getting taken out, or a new wall added. The layout of your kitchen depends on these things, so they must be determined at the planning stage.

What Do You Want in Your Kitchen?

Take some time to think about what you do and do not like about your current kitchen. Are there certain aspects that you would like to change? Would you like to have something that is completely different, or simply an updated version of what you already have?

Brainstorm Style Preferences

Think of what style would best suit the personality of your home. Magazines and home improvement shows are a great place to start to gather ideas for your kitchen.

Are You Changing Appliances?

Your new kitchen will be designed around your appliances so it’s important to know whether you’re buying new appliances, or if you intend on keeping your current appliances. Most stoves & dishwashers are standard size, however, you might choose to have a slide in stove, or a separate cook-top and oven instead. Adding a bigger fridge after the fact can be almost impossible, so it’s important that you take this in to account from the beginning.

From Humble Beginnings

Since our humble beginnings, Leggo Kitchens has had one primary mission…to provide EXCEPTIONAL CLIENT SERVICE while BUILDING LASTING RELATIONSHIPS.

To us, the most important element in any project is YOU. So when you place your trust in us to help you with the most important room in your entire home, we hope you are a little surprised to find just how truly interested we are in your own personal needs, desires and even dreams for your kitchen or bath project. Combine that with knowledgeable design consultants and a wide array of resources to make your project a reality and you have one delicious recipe for not only a beautiful kitchen but for a great friendship.

Just let us know when you are ready to get started and we will be here ready and waiting.

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